Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Friendship Heart

So here is my reveal! :D
Last week I posted the what... Renato Parolin's Magie di Fiori
and now I can tell you the why, when, and where!
I made this pillow for a surprise party for a great friend I have known for over 20 years.  The surprise party was this past Sunday, her lovely daughters gathered all of her friends together and off we went in a stretch limo to spend the day on the East End of Long Island at the vineyards.  
What a fantastic time!  

The last couple weeks have been a little nerve wracking trying to finish, but I luckily did just under the wire!  :D  
I really fell in love with Renato's design.  
I am glad I have found his Italian designs, I love his flower patterns.  
This was a BIG challenge for me, my first pillow ever.  But I think it came out very nice!  :D

...and I added a special quote about friendship and flowers.....

It will be a day to remember for sure.  
I hope my friend will enjoy the design and pillow and remember the special day too for years to come.  

Thanks for visiting!  I really appreciate all of your comments and thoughts.  
Have a wonderful week!  xxxx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sneak Peek

Hi there!  I started something new but it is a surprise so I can only give you the what for now, and will give you the who, where, and when soon!  But I have been working on it fast and furious since Friday.

 It is Renato Parolin's Magie di Fiori...
Magie di Fiori by Renato Parolin
CC Barn Door, 32 ct light mocha linen
I am really enjoying the monochrome pattern, although I would never have guessed that it would need more than 2 skeins!  See that needle threaded above?  That is my last thread left, oh NO!  but I have more on the way and hopefully in my mailbox when I get home.  :D

I hope the week got off to a good start for all of you 
and it continues with miles of smiles!  :D
Happy Stitchings to you all!!  xxxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Progress, and a Finish!

I know, it has been a few weeks!  I have not been stitching as much as I would like, but have done another three motifs on Mary Wigham.....

I am happy with how she is coming out, and still on target for finishing her this year.  I am still on the fence over the yellow, but will wait 'til the end to decide to switch it out possibly???? 

Another project I did was for my cousin's new baby, Gianna Rose.  Her Christening was this past Sunday, so I am now able to share it with you.  Since the theme in the baby's bedroom is Winnie-the-Pooh, I found a sweet pattern called Pooh and Piglet's Room online from the UK.  
It seemed very girl-ie to me, lots of pink and purple :D

While the pattern did not call for personalization aside from the name in the pink ribbon, I decided to put the birth date and weight in the dandelion that Pooh and Piglet are blowing into the wind :) 

....and lots of french knots!  Love them! 

I hope the piece brings her lots of joy and smiles!  :D

So now I will be switching back to Rachel Hyde and the neglected Elizabeth Hancock....trying to get to the finish line on that one soon!  

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
Have a wonderful week and Happy Stitching!! xx