Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the Big Chill

Hello there!  I hope you are all doing well and staying warm since it seems that most places seem to be in a deep freeze!  Brrrrr!  I guess we can't complain because it IS winter :D

I can't believe it has been only a week since my last post, for such a short time I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit!  I am starting to feel like I am trying to see how many projects I can work on at the same time.

Here is SDW from top to bottom so far, and this is the detail on the my most recent motif.  I really, really LOVE this sampler.  I can't believe we are almost near the middle of the piece.  The SAL is really keeping me on track.

Next up is Ann Grimshaw for the Scarlet Letter challenge.  I really wish the mocha would photo better...it is more of a greyish brown.

And another for the Scarlet Letter challenge.   This is the Love is the Road to Peace pincushion, which I have decided to stitch on perforated paper and make into an ornament since I am so finish-challenged :/

And last but not least is my start on the Permin Vierlande Celle 1826.  I am glad to be finally off and running on this one.  

So a little bit here and a little bit there and it seems to add up!  

 I also took a ride over to Candlewood Lake to see if it was frozen and indeed it was!

There were people out ice fishing and skating.   I used to love to ice skate, now though I would be afraid to fall and break some bones!  This is a detail pic from across the lake above.  

By chance I also saw an Egret!  

There was a pair of them flying around but I only managed to get one of them in mid-flight.  

I quite prefer to be indoors where it is warm and cozy... perfect stitching weather!   Here is Gigi in dreamland next to me while I am stitching....

And I know it is cold when she parks herself on the radiator to warm her butt!  I just hope she doesn't roast herself one day!!  LOL!

Just a quick reminder about Nicola's Blue Ribbon pattern giveaway!!  Click through here! to see Nicola's stunning framed finish of this piece and read up on how to win this beautiful pattern book.  There is still time to enter, the giveaway is on Feb. 1st!  

Thank you all for your great comments.  You all keep me so inspired!  
Have a wonderful week full of smiles and stitches!!  xxxxx

Monday, January 21, 2013

IHSW update

Happy Monday All!  
I hope you have all had a great, stitch-y weekend!  
I got a good amount of stitching in this weekend, and luckily had an extra day for this IHSW weekend :)  

On the SDW SAL we are on week #12 although I am still lagging behind.  There were a few weeks that I missed from my do-over and then some other commitments on my weekends.  So I keep playing catch up when I can.  Still, I am amazed at the progress on this sampler.  At first it seemed like it would be one of those never ending ones but bit by bit the progress adds up!  

SDW sampler

And this evening, I wanted to get a start on Ann Grimshaw!  I like the dmc 3781 mocha on the cream linen.  And I have some plans to add a splash of color along the way. 

Ann Grimshaw 1818

So that about sums up my stitching weekend.  
Also got to watch a few outstanding tennis matches from the Australian Open.  And went to see a couple more award nominated movies... Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty.... two thumbs up for both!! 

Have a wonderful week and keep smiling and stitching!!  xxxxx

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday out and about

On weekends I like to get out for a bit. Today I had errands at the mall. Here is a pic of the beautiful merry-go-round at the Danbury Fair mall.

Years ago when I was a wee one this was the same place where the original Danbury Fair was held, very similar to a state fair and also stock car racing. I remember many fun times here with my grandparents and family. And as with most things, they change. In its place is a fancy shopping mall but it is nice that they made the carousel to remind us of years gone by.

So after I did some shopping, I stopped for some lunch and started reading my new book selection, Love in the Time of Cholera.  Have any of you read this one?  It has been on my list for some time now. I have been tempted to watch the movie, as I am a big fan of Javier Bardem, but I know if I see the movie I will probably never then read the book as it never seems to measure up.

Tomorrow I will get to Michael's and get my thread for Ann Grimshaw, the color I have finally decided on was a mocha, dmc 3781.  Yay!! no more thinking about that!  Heading home now to get stitching. I am glad that I have a long holiday weekend. Extra time for stitching on this IHSW weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of happy stitches! xxxx

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Year of Big Projects

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2013 has started off well for you all.
Over the past few weeks I have been deciding what my projects will be for the new year.  It has been quite hard to pare down to only a few!!

I already have two WIPs that I will continue, although one of them is quite close to finish!
This would be SM1678...

SM 1678 by European Reproduction Samplers
dmc on 32ct antique white Belfast
and also my SAL that I am stitching along with Nicola, Michele, Robyn, Elaine, and Shannon, the German SDW Band Sampler by the Scarlet Letter....

SDW Sampler by Scarlet Letter
dmc on 36ct flax Edinborough linen
I am so enjoying both of these right now.  The colors, the flowers, the history behind them.

But, there are others also calling me!!
That would be Permin's 1826 Museum Celle Vierlande Sampler.  I am doing this one as a SAL with some facebook friends in the Sampler World group.  I am very excited to get this one started.  I have been wanting to do a Vierlande sampler for a while now and this was finally the push to get me going.  I am very glad that there is no hurry on this one, just go as we can.  

Then the next two BIG projects are for the Scarlet Letter Year challenge....
Ann Grimshaw, for which I have a beautiful piece of 32 ct cream Sienna linen I plan to use.  I am just so unsure of what color to choose!  This is the pile I sit and stare at hoping one will jump out at me!  lol!  If any of you like a color let me know, PLEASE!  :D
The latest color I seem to like is the one to the left, but that could change tomorrow!

And the second sampler for the Scarlet Letter Year Challenge is Dorothy Walpole.  
This one there are no worries about picking a color!  I am planning on using 36ct flax Edinborough linen.  

So I guess I will also have to master the art of multi-tasking this year! 
and hopefully stitch a few ornaments here and there too!

I hope you are all having a fun stitch-y weekend!  
I am looking forward to working on SDW this afternoon and evening while watching the Golden Globe Awards.  I am glad we are getting full into awards season.  I saw two of the nominated films this weekend.... Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook, both I feel are excellent on their own merits.  For Hugh Jackman fans, Les Mis is a must, he gives an extraordinary performance.  Still my favorite film of the year is Argo although I still have a few more to see.  Hopefully, next weekend!  

Happy Stitchings to you all!!