Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So Peachy!

Hi there!  How is your summer stitching going?  I did pick up one of my WIPs over the weekend while watching the World Cup finale.  Hooray for Germany!  :-)

I am patiently waiting for some new fabric to arrive, some 36 ct linens, that I may use for Hannah Pepper.  Yes, second guessing already ~ how unusual!  lol!  So I picked up my Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band that was in progress already.  Here is where I had left off a few months back....  

... and here is where it is now!  I really wasn't diggin' the pale peach color as it seemed to disappear right into the fabric.  So I unpicked it all, and also that medium green color since for the life of me I could not remember what color I substituted it for and it was no longer in my bag..... it must have gravitated to another WIP!  So I found a wonderful skein of floss in my stash that I had gotten from Victorian Motto.  All shades of peaches so I decided to use it instead to brighten things UP!!  

Perhaps a little too far to the bright spectrum??  Not sure yet, it definitely looks happier!  What do you all think??   Since the main body of the this sampler is all done in black I think this POP! of color might suit it fine.  

I have to say too that Nancy's dyed floss is a real dream to work with, so much better than others I have tried!  Love it!

I also wanted to share a super sweet surprise that I got in the mail this week... a gorgeous emery berry from Nicola.  Thank you so much Nicola!  I love it!  These berries are made by Cyndi Foore and you can find all her beautiful berries at her fb page.... Strawberry Fields Needlework.  The finishing is exquisite!  

Hope you are all having some summertime fun!  Here are some pretty yellow daylilies that have been blooming here....

Happy Summer and Happy Stitching!!  xxx

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend picture walk

Here it is Sunday evening already!   This weekend has been a whirlwind but lots of fun!

Here is Hannah Pepper again, looking not much different than the last time!  Turns out that red was not red enough for me so I unpicked and re-did with 304.  I think this one will stick!  I also decided to go with 352 instead of 356, for now!

My friend visited from Long Island for the weekend and we stopped over at the Country Mill again in Sandy Hook, what a fantastic shop full of prim things!!   

Right next door was the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, a perfect spot for a mid afternoon snack on the deck overlooking the river.  

There was an amazing summer breeze, it was blissful!  I tried a new wheat beer, Raspberry Hefeweizen!!   oooh SO good!  

From there we headed to the Danbury Ives concert park for an evening of music under the stars.... 

....rocking out with Peter Frampton!  What a fantastic concert!!

Then we found a great place after the show for a midnight snack!  What a fun place!!  An eclectic eatery with lots of vintage artifacts.  Looking forward to going back again.  

On Sunday, we headed out early to the famous Elephant's Trunk flea market in New Milford CT.  What an eclectic market with rows and rows of vendors!  We saw lots of people making off with their new found treasures.  No treasures for us though, hopefully next time!  

All in all, a beautiful and fun weekend!  

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend filled with friends, family and fun!  

Have a great week filled with miles of smiles!  xxxx

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June stitches and more!

Hi Everyone!

I went back and put a few more stitches into the Blackbird SAL.  The eyelets, while pretty, seem SO time consuming!  16 stitches to each one!  I debated on going backwards and trying something different but I do like the effect so onward she goes...

And, of course, I have something new too!  lol!  

I have started up with Hannah Pepper, one of my bucket list stitches!  There have been a few finished Hannahs posted on facebook recently and they finally gave me the push I needed to pull out my Fine Lines issues.  I also want to thank Mary and Ellen for their thoughts on color options.  I have figured out my palette using a combination of what is called for and some that are not.  

And so she begins too....  already I am thinking "is the red red enough??"  lol

Since moving to Connecticut I love seeing all different wildlife in my yard...  chipmunks, ducks, wild turkey, egrets, foxes, and deer, but imagine my SURPRISE when I found a BEAR outside my back door!!  Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get a pic, but it was amazing to see.  It looked like a young adult and I think it was just as surprised to see me too!  So sorry no picture, but this pretty deer was very willing to strike a pose...

Last weekend I went to a Weissbier festival at the local German restaurant.  Weissbier is a wheat beer which makes it a bit sweeter.   Perfect and refreshing for a warm summer evening.  Prost!

So that is all for June...  it has been very exciting watching all the World Cup coverage.  GO USA!! I am glad it will continue into July, along with Wimbledon tennis!  

Have a great week!  Happy Stitching!  xxxxx

Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's your favorite flavor?

Usually, being a Rolling Stones fan, my answer to that question is always Cherry Red!  With all these great options, so very hard to choose!  Such decisions!!

This time I went for Campfire- YUM!  A super refreshing treat! 
 This was at the Creamery, a great ice cream stand on a farm in Newtown CT.  
This place is certainly the hot-spot nowadays!

I am still in a state of flux with my stitching projects!  
so my WIP pile keeps growing!  
Here is a wee bit more on the Blackbird SAL.  
The eyelet stitch got started and didn't get that far...

...partly because a new pattern arrived in the mail!  
This is Eiderstedter Haubarg 1783, a new one from European Reproduction Samplers.  It is a reproduction of an antique wedding sampler.  

When I saw this sampler it reminded me so much of the buildings in Worpswede, Germany, the town where my grandmother grew up.  
Here is a pic I took of a converted barn to shop when I visited a few years back.  

So, yet another WIP!  I just don't know why I can't stay settled on one project.  
Too many things keep catching my eye.  

Happy Flag Day!!  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Happy Stitching!!  xxxx

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Fun Day Out and Blackbird SALing

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

On Saturday my friend from Long Island visited for the day.  She took the ferry to Bridgeport and we started our day early.

We went shopping at a fantastic shop in Sandy Hook CT, the Country Mill.  I read about this shop on Lori Brechlin's blog Notforgotten Farm when she was visiting CT last fall.  I was surprised it was only a few miles from my home and knew my friend and I would enjoy a visit too.  

Lots of folksy and prim decorations.  Rooms and rooms to explore!  I was happy to find Lori's new book of needlework designs too, and of course, had to take it home with me!  Lots of great projects in this one.  Even some needle punch and rug hooking which I would like to take try at sometime.  

Our next stop was to Shakespeare's Garden in Brookfield CT.  It is a beautiful nursery with greenhouses and paths to walk through. 

Everything is in full bloom and bursting with color!  A feast for the senses!


Their Barn Shop is chock full of unique and interesting goodies!!  So many creative ideas!

After all that shopping we decided to take some time to relax by Candlewood Lake.  Even on a cloudy day it is a beautiful view.  

We also ventured to Ridgefield for more shopping and then found a great place to stop for dinner on the way back to the ferry where we could sit outside in Newtown called Pub 25. 


I totally splurged on dinner having the Lobster Mac and Cheese... YUMM-O!!  It was such a wonderful day and great to spend so much time catching up with my friend for the whole day.  

In the last few days I stitched a bit on the Blackbird SAL, all of the 4-sided stitch portion.  I tried it first with 2 strands but on the 32 ct linen it seemed too bulky that they did not look like squares.  One thread seemed to be the right direction.  I think it gives a kind of lacy look.  

The next step will be the eyelet alphabet in Toasted Barley.  I have enjoyed seeing everyone's variations of color and style, all so pretty!!  

I wish you a wonderful week full of happy stitching! xxxx

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Stitching and Sunshine

Happy Weekend!

I have started the Blackbird Designs SAL, her sampler.   Loving it so far!  Has anyone else started yet?

Blackbird Designs her sampler SAL
32 ct R&R french vanilla with sampler threads
I decided to pull materials from my stash so I have switched out a few colors.  I am using Toasted Barley, Grecian Gold, and Brethren Blue as charted, but switched in Raspberry Parfait, Hyacinth and Red Grape for the copper, purple and pink.

I also got a bit further on my Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band Sampler.  

American Quaker Band Sampler
36 ct Examplar Lakeside Linen with dmc thread

I recently finished the book Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland and absolutely LOVED it!!  Definitely in my top list of favorites now.  Next up is The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier and it has grabbed me right from the go.  Love it when that happens!

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Connecticut!  Here is a pic I snapped this afternoon.....

Seems apropos since today was the Preakness Stakes!  I was jumping for joy for California Chrome!  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!  Happy stitching!  xxxxx

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wabbit Winner!

Howdy All!  I know I am late on the draw for this one.  So sorry!!

But, we do have a Wabbit Winner of the Sheepish Designs Easter Wabbit... I asked my co-worker to pick a number from 1 to 11 and she picked #5.  The 5th comment was from Jo!!

A BIG CONGRATS to Jo who can't think of a clever nickname from Serendipitous Stitching!  Your Easter Wabbit will be hopping your way!!  =)