Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Winter WIP

Hi there!   Hope you have enjoyed your Valentine's Weekend!  It has been like Siberia here in the Northeast, -16 degrees with the wind chill!  Brrrrrrrrr!!  Best to keep in and stitch!

I have a bunch of WIPs started but a friend of mine found the OOP Red House Sampler chart by the Scarlet Letter that I have been searching for from some time!  Soooooo, I started another WIP! lol

I am stitching this one with the called for dmc thread on 36 ct Lentil Lakeside Linen.  

I did do a bit more on Jenny Bean too...........

This is what we have been seeing a lot of is quite pretty but I am looking forward to Springtime!

All this snow though makes for snow days which has worked out for the best for me.   I am moving next month and have been spending lots of time sorting through my things... can't believe how much I have accumulated!  Finding lots of things I did not even know I had...... like this wonderful Hardwicke Manor hoop!  :)

So that is what has been keeping me super busy, and probably will for the next month too!  

This weekend I also posted a new interview to the Our Scarlet Letter Years blog.  Ilana is the featured stitcher and her samplers are quite stunning if you have some time to take a peek here.

I have not spent much time on blogger lately but am off right now to take a look see at what you all have been up to too!  

I am glad to see the days are already getting longer... I took this sunset just a few days ago.  

Enjoying the SNL 40th anniversary special this evening... what is your favorite?  Hard to pick one but I loved the cheeseburger, cheeseburger, no coke, pepsi!  lol

Keep cozy warm and happy stitching!!  xxxx