Monday, March 9, 2015

Jersey Girls

Is everyone as ready for Spring as I am??  I love the winter and I love the snow but even I am ready for some pretty blooming flowers and warm temps!

This past weekend I finally went to the amazing exhibit at the Morven Museum in Princeton NJ.  

It was the first needlework exhibit I have had the chance to see.  And what a treat, 150 antique samplers and needlework from schoolgirls throughout all the counties of New Jersey!  

From the cover of the catalog you can see some of the pretties.  No pictures were allowed but I did pick up some beautiful note cards.  Almost too pretty to use!  

On the left is Ann Stockton; the right is Sarah L. Blackwood.  Luscious silks and threads.  

On the left is Elizabeth Hammell; on the right is Rebecca Mount.  Love the precious animals in the foregrounds.  

It was really amazing to see all the specialty stitches that were used and all the linens.  Hard to fathom all the hours it took these young girls to accomplish these works.  

Princeton is a great college town.  It was such a fun day meeting up with facebook stitchers for lunch and walking through the Morven gallery.  

The exhibit is running until March 29th and I highly recommend you go, go, go! if you can!  It is well worth the visit!  

No stitching updates to share right now... still busy packing, packing, packing for my move.  I can't wait to get back into the stitching swing again.  

Have a wonderful week!  Happy Stitching!  xxxx