Friday, September 21, 2012

A Very Big Finish!

TGIF everyone!  
It has been a busy week with work and I also went to see the movie The Birds up on the big screen... 
I just LOVE that TCM is showing the classics in the theaters  :D

And here she is~  My Mary Wigham finish!  WooHoo!

Mary Wigham by Needleprint
dmc thread / 32ct lambswool linen

My needle really seemed to fly in the last month, and I really think it is because of reading the chart from my laptop.  It has been so much better on my eyes!
Here is that top corner... I love the gold much better than the ecru.  
It was worth all the trouble of frogging!

I did make Mary my own by using some colors not called for... 
all dmc, my choices were 680, 3722, 712, 3740, and 3041in addition to most of those charted.

I also chose to do a special personalization.  
Instead of using the initials Mary originally stitched, I decided to use this sampler, which originates from the UK, to commemorate my trip to the UK in 2007 when I visited to see the Rolling Stones on tour!  
I met a great group of friends on that trip so I stitched all of their initials into Mary!

Thanks for stopping by, I love reading all of your comments!  

And welcome to my new followers, I look forward to reading all of your blogs too.  
I have hit the 100 mark, so I think a giveaway will be fun, I will post the details in my next post! :)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!  
Happy Friday and Happy Stitchings!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


A few days late, but I was busy stitching and stitching Miss Mary Wigham!
I am happy to say that she is done now, just needs a pressing, so I will be sharing pics soon :D

My Tusal is finally filling up, there is the big ecru poof from that Mary motif that just had to GO!
Two hours going backwards but I am so happy that I made the change.
Have a wonderful Monday and happy stitching!  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Almost to the finish line...

Yes!  I am so VERY close to finishing Miss Mary Wigham :D
Here's a quick little peek.

I have rounded the final corner!!  I have been working this pattern counter-clockwise for some reason, and have found that my stitches look best now when I work from bottom to top.  
I feel like I have breezed thru the rest of this one and I think it is partly because I have started reading the chart right from my computer screen!  It sits way in front of me on my coffee table at a high magnification, like 300% and now I do not stop every few minutes to pick up the chart all squinty-eyed!  

I have been playing with the colors, right to the very end, switching things here and there, and also plan to change out the color of this one here... it is just too much like the fabric color and I am not liking it! 

So, two steps forward and one step back!
Have a great day with miles of smiles
and remember......

Happy stitchings!