Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the Big Chill

Hello there!  I hope you are all doing well and staying warm since it seems that most places seem to be in a deep freeze!  Brrrrr!  I guess we can't complain because it IS winter :D

I can't believe it has been only a week since my last post, for such a short time I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit!  I am starting to feel like I am trying to see how many projects I can work on at the same time.

Here is SDW from top to bottom so far, and this is the detail on the my most recent motif.  I really, really LOVE this sampler.  I can't believe we are almost near the middle of the piece.  The SAL is really keeping me on track.

Next up is Ann Grimshaw for the Scarlet Letter challenge.  I really wish the mocha would photo better...it is more of a greyish brown.

And another for the Scarlet Letter challenge.   This is the Love is the Road to Peace pincushion, which I have decided to stitch on perforated paper and make into an ornament since I am so finish-challenged :/

And last but not least is my start on the Permin Vierlande Celle 1826.  I am glad to be finally off and running on this one.  

So a little bit here and a little bit there and it seems to add up!  

 I also took a ride over to Candlewood Lake to see if it was frozen and indeed it was!

There were people out ice fishing and skating.   I used to love to ice skate, now though I would be afraid to fall and break some bones!  This is a detail pic from across the lake above.  

By chance I also saw an Egret!  

There was a pair of them flying around but I only managed to get one of them in mid-flight.  

I quite prefer to be indoors where it is warm and cozy... perfect stitching weather!   Here is Gigi in dreamland next to me while I am stitching....

And I know it is cold when she parks herself on the radiator to warm her butt!  I just hope she doesn't roast herself one day!!  LOL!

Just a quick reminder about Nicola's Blue Ribbon pattern giveaway!!  Click through here! to see Nicola's stunning framed finish of this piece and read up on how to win this beautiful pattern book.  There is still time to enter, the giveaway is on Feb. 1st!  

Thank you all for your great comments.  You all keep me so inspired!  
Have a wonderful week full of smiles and stitches!!  xxxxx


Margaret said...

Your WIPs are all so pretty! Nice pics of the lake too. I'm too freaked out to step out on a frozen lake. lol! I think your cat hast he right idea. lol!

Mary said...

Krista, I'm always sooo impressed! Looks like your needle has been humming.

Loved seeing the cold winter pictures, but with temps in the 70's and bright skies, I think I'll stay where I am for now!

Stitching Cat said...

Krista, your WIP's are coming along very nicely. Your needles must be smoking! Are you trying to generate some heat in the frigid Northeast? Love seeing the pictures of Gigi. Graycie is almost always in my lap as I stitch. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, too.

Catherine said...

Great projects! Beautiful pics from the lake. Gigi looks comfy and toasty!

llknbillburg said...

Your WIPs are coming along nicely! My Ann Grimshaw is down to the last row of motifs and I can't wait to get her finished!! Nicola has really motivated us to get things done hasn't she??!! Laura

Grit said...

Fantastic stitching and wonderful pictures.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Amarins said...

Great projects, beautiful stitching!

Siobhán said...

Wonderful progress on your stitching! You must be so pleased. :) I enjoyed the wintery pictures, it looks like a winter wonderland!

Elaine said...

Great stitching Krista! I love, love, love SDW too!!

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely WIPs & great pics, thanks for sharing them with us!

Vickie said...

aww Gigi.♥ Wow! You have a lot going on at one time. All so pretty. Too much for this one-at-a-time girl. ;)

Julie said...

Love the pics and your wips are looking good too.

Nicola said...

Your needles are flying Krista and everything looks so beautiful. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the egrets and the frozen lake. I used to enjoy ice skating when I was younger but I would be nervous now just in case I broke something.

Gigi looks so comfortable stretched out on her back and on the radiator. Cats are such characters, they really think that they rule the house.

Anne said...

Good sense of humour I see. Finishing-challenged - me too! Gigi looks like she enjoys the indoors as well on cold days!! :) Your stitching is very pretty and Happy Stitching to you! :)

Rhonda said...

Krista just love your blog. I'll be adding your Scarlet Letter to my wish list.

Carol said...

Lovely work on your WIPs, Krista... And thank you for your winter photos--CT is such a beautiful state!! Your black kitty looks like the younger twin of my old cat, Shadow--I love him!!

Giovanna said...

All of your WIPs are gorgeous, especially SDW - you're doing really well on that one.

Brigitte said...

Wonderful, all these lovely WIPs and the progress you made on them. Great stitching indeed.
The lake looks great so deeply frozen and it's certainly some fun to take a walk on the ice or around the lake, but I'd always prefer a lakeside walk in the spring. I'm more a fan of the warmer seasons, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Krista Gramer,

Peggy had mailt to us the Link to Your Sites.

Your picturing with nidles and yarn reminds us to the art and folkart
to Heinrich Vogelers Wife Martha (Schröder), who is the Sister of Your Ur-Ur-Grandma Gesine.

A pleasure too made us Your fotos of the Egrets and the Cat.
Theresa loves Snow, Manfred less. Theresa called: "Lovely, lovely" by seeing snow like
at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

With lovely wishes
Manfred Gantenberg & Theresa Bruckmann