Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Stitching and a Finish too!

Here we are, almost to another weekend.  Since I did not post my stitching progress in my last few posts, I will show you what I have been busy with lately.  I had a rough week and at times my stitching was able to keep me distracted and calm.

Here is SDW, the floral band is pretty much done except for some curlie-cue backstitching to do.

SDW Sampler
Here is my start finally on Manifesto... yes, I have jumped on that train too!  I am starting bottoms up on this one.  I really like how my stitches lay when I work right to left, bottom to top.  And this way I can stitch with the pattern right side up instead of upside down!  Look at all that fabric, oh MY!

The Manifesto
And here is a small finish (well, not that small really!) that I had intended to finish to show you all on Valentine's Day... WELL, I just didn't make it in time!  It is the same pattern that was in the giveaway I did, Stacy Nash Love Pinkeep.  I grabbed some of Nina's fabric and threads from my stash.  I hope Karen enjoys stitching it as much as I did.

Stacy Nash Love Pinkeep
Champagne and Rose Tea threads, 36ct Dusty Violet linen, both by Nina

And here are a few snaps of Gigi. These were taken a few weeks ago after I saw Margaret's Mia enjoying sniffing some coffee.  I was curious to see what Gigi would do so I gave her the empty cup, and YES, she really enjoyed it too, how funny!  She was rolling around quite happy!

Unfortunately, in the past week, she has been a sick baby, limping.  This is where my stress comes in.  Maybe she is doing circus stunts when I am not at home?  Her doctor thinks it is just a sprain so I hope she is on the mend and will be back to herself soon.  

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Finally, Oscar weekend is upon us!  I am hoping to see Amour tomorrow so I can see what I think of that one too.  But for now, a few that I am really hoping for are: 
Best Picture - Argo
Best Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis
Best Supporting Actor - Robert DeNiro
Best Song - Adele for Skyfall
Cinematography - Skyfall
Music - Skyfall
Yes, I know.... I see a trend here too.  :D

I hope you enjoy the Oscars or whatever else you have planned for your weekend!  And I hope that it will include some stitching too!  I know it will for me.  xxxx


Vickie said...

Yup! I plan to stitch and get together with family. I had a cruddy week too Krista. I prayed for Gigi.♥ I love your Gigi coffee mug!

Love to Stitch said...

Looks fantastic my friend! I hope this week is better for you, lousy weeks are the worst :(. Hopefully Gigi will start to feel better. Your SDW is looking fabulous and I cant wait to see more of your Manifesto!! What count did you decide to use on Mani? Fun how we all start in different places on our linen. What ever works is A- OK!!!! Keep it up :) Have fun watching the Oscars!

Love to Stitch said...

Oops! super cute finish too!! Nice to get another one under the belt. How will you 'finish' it?!

Margaret said...

Sorry you've been stressed out. Sorry to hear Gigi is under the weather -- hopefully the vet is right. Happy to hear Mia has a companion in her coffee highs. lolol! Love the pics!

Love your little Valentine finish. Yay for starting Manifesto in the bottom right! lol! I'm looking forward to seeing that! I hope to start mine sometime, but I'm waiting for a frame to come so I can try out the silk gauze. Sigh. SDW is looking fine!

Hope Gigi is better soon. Keep us posted. Mia says to feel better and sends hugs to Gigi.

Nicola said...

Oh poor Gigi what has she been upto? Hopefully her sprain will ease soon. My first cup of coffee in the mornings can make me purr too.

SDW is looking awesome and HURRAY for your start on Manifesto. Congratulations on your darling Valentine, how will your finish her.

I know how much you enjoy the movies so wishing you a wonderful star studded weekend.

Faye said...

Stress... Stress... Can't stand it... I will get better and in the meantime stitch your heart out! I love that floral band also and Manifesto is huge! Will be living vicariously through all you Mani stitchers on that one.... Great post my friend!!

Lynn said...

Love your Valentine finish! It looks so delicate. Your Floral band sampler is gorgeous but I'm really looking forward to watching your progress on Manifesto.It's a fabulous design with such vibrant colours. I can't imagine stitching something that large. Do you stitch in hand or use a frame?

Penelope's Beehive said...

Lovely stitches Krista! I am sorry to hear of your stressful time...I do hope that your darling kitty is feeling much improved, and is once again jumping for joy! It seems as though putting needle to linen does wonders for the soul, yes?
Wishing you a cozy, stitch-filled weekend!
Hugs to you...

CJ in OK ;-) said...

SDW looks amazing, great progress. Manifesto too, wow. I love the valentine finish and the color names you used are so fun for that. CJ in OK

Bertie said...

Beautiful sampler is SDW, a lot going on there! How nice to see another Manifesto, a fabulous sampler and a lot going on there too! Never too late for Love, a nice piece.
Hope your Gigi is getting better soon, she looks adorable!

marly said...

I almost fell over when I saw the amount of fabric for Manifesto. Looks like a sheet for a twin bed! My goodness you girls are brave!

Carol said...

I can't imagine tackling a piece the size of Manifesto, Krista--you go girl!!! I know it will be amazing as is your current sampler. And your Valentine finish is so cute--don't you love Nina's threads!

I do hope Gigi feels better soon and your stress lessens this weekend :)

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches ~ funny Gigi ~ I do hope she is feeling better.

Anne said...

Wonderful progress so far!! You are brave for tackling Manifesto! It's massive!! I'm like Gigi and Mia too...loving a good cup of coffee! I hope she is feeling better!

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the pretty finish, and nice going on the WIPs.

Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful stitching!
Your kitty is gorgeous...I love black cats.