Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness!

Hi Everyone!  Are we all happy it is Springtime?!
Yes, I know, doesn't really look like it out my window either!
It feels like forever since I have posted.  I have had such a crazy busy month with work so my March Madness doesn't have anything to do with basketball!
I have had a some chances here and there for stitching, something finally to share with you all.

Here is my SDW, which is on week 21 of our SAL group.  I have lost count as I have not stitched each week and at times, many days in a week so I am just going with the flow...

SDW Sampler
dmc on 36ct flax Edinborough linen

I am SO amazed each time I look at it from top to bottom at how far it has come....

SDW Sampler
Another sampler I gave a few days of attention to is my Permin 1826 Celle Museum Vierlande.  I love how this one is shaping up and hope to devote some more time to it.

Permin 1826 Celle Museum Vierlande
dmc w/ 32ct Platinum linen

I also did some cooking...always a challenge for me!  :)
My Mom has a special dish, a mushroom casserole that we have at all of our family holidays, and since we can no longer get the mushrooms that my Mom would use (she would get a BIG can to make a BIG casserole!) I decided to have a go at it using fresh mushrooms and I think my version is quite de-lish and I hope it will be a BIG success at our Easter celebration!  

It is not all that complicated, just mushrooms with a bechamel cheese sauce with some bread crumbs on top, but the fact that I am trying to make it as my Mom would is a Tall order!  

So that is all the fun stuff that I have been up to in the past few weeks!  
I want to wish you all a lovely holiday with your friends and family!  

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!  


Margaret said...

Love all your stitching! Beautiful! And the tulips. sigh..... Love the color of them. Love tulips. Need spring..... lol!

Love to Stitch said...

Fantastic Krista! It is amazing how far you have come, and each time you unroll the top it is just stunning. Love the Permin sampler also, have that one in the stash for sure. Your moms casserole looks fabulous-- what time is dinner?! Tulips-- what a breath of fresh air-- honestly, the poor things arent sure if they are coming or going this spring!! LOL

Chris said...

Youe SDW sampler is lovely. I am quite envious of it and beautifully stitched.
And the photos of the tulips are wonderful, here in UK we have lost Spring, because winter has returned and its bitterly cold!
Chris x

Carol said...

Your samplers are so beautiful, Krista--love the alphabets in each one! I'm sure everyone will love your mushroom dish (I'm not a mushroom eater, but my husband would probably devour the entire thing by himself!)... Wishing you a very Happy Easter with your family...

Vickie said...

Oh thanks for showing the first one in it's entirety. That is progress! Wishing you a Happy, Blessed Easter Krista.

Giovanna said...

The WIPs are just lovely. Happy Easter!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

SDW is gorgeous, indeed! You really have accomplished a lot on it. Great job! I hope your mushroom dish turns out - it sounds scrumptios. Have a blessed Easter!

Chris said...

Wow! SDW is gorgeous! I like your other new start too. I really need to get back to my stitching. You are inspiring me!
That mushroom dish looks amazing. I love them, Rich won't touch them. I am making some for Easter.
Happy Spring!!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Your needlework is absolutely splendid Krista! I shall look forward to following your progress...and patience!
The mushroom dish looks ever so yummy, and I feel certain that it shall be a great success at your holiday festivities.
Wishing you and those you love a very Happy Easter!
Sending hugs,

Anne said...

SDW is amazing Krista! So much to look at and drool over!! The Vierlande piece is beautiful too! That casserole looks so good! I'm sure it was gobbled up!!