Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lots of WIPs

Hi Everyone!    Another month is gone!  When did that happen?  :)

I am now having WIP overload.  With the holidays not so far away I am working on some extra pieces while trying to keep a hand in the projects already started!

First up is SDW.  I am working on the last few pages of this pattern so I know the end is not so far away.  I really want to finish it before year end....

Next is my start on GigiR's Saxony ATS.  The silks are just so amazing on this one.  I am using the Attic's silk conversion which includes so many different silks, Gumnuts, Gloriana, Belle Soie, and Dinky Dyes.  It is fun to try so many different ones.  I think so far my favorite is Belle Soie but they are all so gorgeous!  I am really amazed at how the one strand of silk covers so well.  

This past week I decided to try knitting up some scarves for holiday gifts.  I am definitely a beginner knitter, but found a pattern called the '2-hour' scarf!  The pattern can be found here.  And while it has so far taken me 8 hours and still counting I am enjoying it!  Two hours must be for the speed knitters!  lol! 

I had a very looooooong wait yesterday having my car repaired so I spent quite a few hours on it.  It is made using the Homespun Lion Brand yarn.  SO SOFT!

And last but not least, I have pulled the threads and linen to make Heartstring Samplery's Ever Blessed.  It is such a sweet SAL that Beth designed and is perfect for this time of year.  You can read more about the SAL and see Beth's finish here.  So I am already to go with 32 ct vintage buttercream and a combo of overdyed cottons.  I am looking forward to putting a few stitches in this weekend.  

A few weeks back I got to see a preview of the new movie About Time.  It is from the same people that did Love Actually (another fave of mine!) and you come away with that same kind of happy, feel-good feeling.  About Time made me smile, laugh, and cry, and stirred up memories from my own life.  I loved it and hope to get to it again while it is playing.  I hope you get to see it.  

This weekend I am going to New York City for a show and hope to get further on my WIPs!  

I hope whatever your plans you have a fantastic weekend!  

Keep stitching and smiling!  xxx


Lanie said...

Your fingers have been busy, Krista!
SDW is an amazing sampler ... it must be a delight to stitch! Hope you meet your finish goal.
Can't wait to see more of your other projects. And ohhhh I can feel the softness of your scarf through the photo!

Margaret said...

Beautiful WIPs all! And you're knitting too! Yay! Looking good! I have to note that movie down. I loved Love Actually!

Vickie said...

Hey, congrats on learning knitting. Good for you.

Mary said...

Keep going, Krista - you're almost to the finish line!

moosecraft said...

Such beautiful threads and amazing stitches! You certainly do have some great projects in the works!

Shirlee said...

You have certainly been busy! One of my favorite movies is Love Actually! I will be on the watch for About Time : ) What show are you seeing in NYC?

Chris said...

Great stitchy update Krista! Your stitching is so lovely. You are getting so close to the finish on the German Sampler.
The scarf looks so warm and lovely.

Catherine said...

Lovely projects!!!!!

Melissa said...

You've been busy, Krista! I know time is just zipping by!

Mii Stitch said...

You little busy bee!!! Love that knitting :)