Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What's New and Exciting!

Hi there!   It sure has been a long, long time-- a whole year in fact! 

When last I posted I was working on Lucy, charting and stitching my first reproduction sampler.  Well, she is a BIG girl and I have started and stopped and have given you a few sneak peeks along the way...  Here is one last sneak peek! 

Building up a red house and near the finish line!  I am looking forward to finally revealing her soon to all of you.  So stay tuned!  If you would like to see the other sneak peeks of Lucy please click on the label at the end of the post.  

In between stitching I have been going to some fun markets.  This was my first year visiting the Penn Dry Goods Market in Pennsylvania.  I signed up for six of the lectures and learned so much about the history of floral samplers, Moravian needlework, Mary Linwood and more.  If you have not heard of Mary Linwood check out this link.  It was a fascinating series as well as a great market with wonderful quilts and antiques.  

Penn Dry Goods Market 2017
And just last weekend I had a great time in Rhinebeck NY for the annual Country Living Fair.  It was a perfect day for walking the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  There were so many unique items.  Lots of inspiration everywhere!  

Rhinebeck Country Living Fair 2017

So that's a quick peek into what's new and exciting here!  

Have a great week!!  Wishing you miles of smiles............


Marilyn said...

Pretty colors in Lucy.
Those look like some great shows and fairs.

Brigitte said...

These markets and fairs look to tempting, I the k I'd go to each of them if we had them here as well. But no such thing :(
I'm very curious to see Lucy in full beauty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Krista! It was good to see your post this afternoon. I was thinking about you the other day. Lucy is looking good. It looked like both markets you attended were fun.

Margaret said...

I love seeing everything you've been attending. Fantastic! All the things I keep thinking about going to but not going. lol! I'm looking forward to seeing your sampler!! So exciting!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you blogging again. Love the red house in the sampler.

woolwoman said...

I so envy all the wonderful opportunities you have so close to you. just sounds great! your sampler is coming along beautifully and the colors are so crisp and clean. Have a fun weekend - Mel