Monday, October 15, 2012

A New Stitch and A Weekend Drive

Happy Monday!  Another new week is here!  

I have been working on a couple projects, a Christmas ornament which will have to stay a secret, and a new sampler, SM 1678, an old German sampler.  I fell in love with all the flowers in this one....
SM 1678, 32 ct antique white w/dmc
It is from European Reproduction Samplers, the complete design can be seen here.

The autumn leaves are starting to turn here in Connecticut... although still more in the yellow-orange color, I think it will be another couple weeks till it will be fiery, orangey-red!
This past weekend, I took a ride through Northwest Connecticut to see the beautiful colors, driving thru Kent and up to Cornwall.  Here are a few snaps I took along the way.....

There were some great covered bridges, which always remind me of 'Bridges of Madison County'
Bull's Bridge, Kent CT

 I stopped at beautiful Kent Falls State Park....

Covered Bridge in West Cornwall, CT
 I loved this statue in a playground in the village of Kent, this crow looks perplexed! lol!

Also during the weekend, I drove over to Hartford for the Stitches East Convention to check out the marketplace.  With a name like Stitches East, I figured there would be cross stitching, however, it was mainly yarn for knitting and crochet lovers..... more beautiful yarns than I could have ever imagined!!
Stitches East Conference, Hartford CT

 But I was super lucky to find the ONE!! cross stitch booth!!  :D
It was Scandinavian Stitches and they specialize in patterns/charts using danish flower thread.  
I found a cute holiday kit of a German village.
And I also could not resist some of the gorgeous yarn, this is to make a VERY simple cowl scarf.  

So needless to say, I am all pooped out!

Here is my Tusal for the new moon this evening, starting to finally fill up! 

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post.  
And welcome to all my new followers!  
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Have a wonderful week!!
Until Saturday.... Happy Stitchings!!


Chris said...

I love that drive up Rte 7, so pretty. It looks like your leaves are almost done. The Appalation Trail runs up Rte 7. You can do a lot of section hiking in that area if you like to hike.
The shw in Hartford looks fun even though it wasn't cross stitch.
Thanks for sharing! I miss New England!

Ma Teakettle said...

What a wonderful weekend you had, Krista! I just love northern CT, and the conference sounds awesome..I think that Scandinavian Stitches is housed down near me, in Riverside or Old Greenwich, CT, but I have never been there in person. I love your new chart, it looks beautiful as does the yarn :)
Your TUSAL looks great!

Nicola said...

Beautiful photos, the wool you bought looks gorgeous both in colour and texture.

I have never seen your sampler before so I googled it. Its going to be very interesting following your progress. You have made a lovely choice.

Giovanna said...

Your WIP is lovely, what pretty colours. And thanks for sharing your pictures of those gorgeous places.

Vickie said...

The flowers ARE wonderful on the new sampler. I really like the statue in Kent also. Thanks for the beautiful scenery pictures.

Catherine said...

Lovely new sampler you are working on! The flowers are so pretty. Looks like a fun piece to stitch.
Your journey through CT sounds and looks lovely, thanks for sharing!

Shirlee said...

Your photo journey is beautiful! Looks like a great stitching show & I love the yarn you found there!

Margaret said...

Ok, did you have to show me that sampler? It's gorgeous! I just love those flowers! Wow! And your pics of the scenery -- so pretty! What fun that there was a cross stitch booth at Stitches East! Nice purchases! I might have to figure out where Stitches East is and go next year if it's not too far away.

Carol said...

Ooh--I really love this new sampler, Krista. The flowers are so unique and appealing!

Glad you had such a lovely drive--CT is a beautiful state, indeed, and that crow and apple statue is wonderful. The leaves have been so gorgeous this year, haven't they?

Siobhán said...

Love the WIP! Very pretty. Your scenery pictures are fantastic--I really do miss autumn on the east coast!

Mary said...

What a lovely choice for a new project Krista! This is one you don't run across as often, so it will be fun to watch your progress on it.

There are covered bridges in the county in Illinois where I grew up. Your pictures make me homesick! Thanks for sharing them and the beautiful fall scenery.

Stitching Cat said...

Hi Krista, love your new sampler! Your ride through NW Connecticut looks great. Sometime you should drive through Macedonia State Park, which is also in Kent. Your yarn purchase looks like it will make a warm cowl and the cross stitch pattern is cute. Some day I'll make the trip south to Scandinavian Stitches.

Lois said...

Love your new project, Krista! Such a sweet piece. Enjoyed seeing the pictures from your trip. I'm glad that at the one cross stitch stall you were able to find some goodies.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh my goodness I love your German sampler. I have been meaning to order from this site and you've now given me the incentive that I needed!! It's going to be fabulous! You have such a good eye. Your photos are wonderful. Wish I could have joined you!!!

Brigitte said...

Your weekend sounds terrific and when I see all your pictures I'd love to make this drive myself one day. A great place to experience fall with all its colours.
That German sampler is such a beauty and it must be fun to stitch it.

Julie said...

Love the latest sampler you are doing,and congrats on finishing Mary Wigmore.
Great photos too.Hubbys green with envy you saw Neil Diamond and got a great photo.:)We haven't got that close.Yet.

merumo said...

You have been spending your weekend at very nice places! I have stitched a couple of kits with Danish Flower thread, too. I always liked them a lot :)