Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

Happy Weekend to you all!

I've been stitching away on my flower sampler and will show you when I have more done after the weekend.  But I will spend some time today with a new start....the SDW Sampler SAL.  I saw Nicola's post on this beautiful sampler last week and it peaked my interest since I love German samplers.  
It will be so much fun to stitch this one with a group.   

I received my fabric just yesterday, 35ct lambswool, and while I would have liked to have splurged on silks for this big project, my budget was busted this week after getting Rolling Stones tickets :D's only rock 'n' roll but i like it!
SO instead I am using DMC and love all the colors, especially that pop of red and blue!

SDW is a super loooooong one, over 44 inches long!  It will be a fun journey!

SDW Sampler
And I want to thank Nicola for this surprise thank you package I received this past week, with lovely pink fabric, a really sweet JBW pattern, threads, and a book with Cornish recipes :)  
Thank you so much, Nicola!  It was such a surprise!

It looks like Hurricane Sandy is headed this way expecting to hit around Monday.  It was exactly this time last year that we were also hit with a crazy snow storm, Winter Storm Alfred... on Oct. 29th, which happens to be my birthday!  Looks like another stormy birthday!  

The Alfred Storm really affected CT and parts of NY but this one coming looks like it is really going to be affecting most of the Northeast.  I know many of you live in this part of the country too, Margaret, Deb, Sue, Ma, Catherine, I am thinking of all of you, and I hope we all weather the storm safe and sound.  I am hoping that instead of taking a left turn it turns right and goes out to sea!

After dealing with loss of electricity for 5 days last time, I am all set with the batteries, blankets, lantern, and non-perishables.... I stocked up with some good things, like apples and bananas, and some better things like chocolate and wine! lol! :D

Have a good weekend everyone! 
I hope to see you after the weekend unless I have no internet for days, oh what will I do then?!
Happy Stitchings!


Vickie said...

An early Happy Birthday to you then Krista. Oh what a stitching adventure you are about to begin. What a very nice present from Nicola.

Melissa said...

Yey for a new project but booooooo for the storm! I hope everything goes ok and you fair well though the storm!!! Congrats on the rolling stone tix - I heard that they were a very hot commodity :)

Be safe!


Margaret said...

Yup, we were without power for 5 days with Irene. We lucked out with that snow storm last year -- it was amazing! I'm really dreading this one coming. Argh!!!!

Anyway, good luck with SDW. It's a really fun stitch! You'll love it! I need to get mine framed. lol! What a lovely gift from Nicola too.

Fingers crossed we all weather the storm well!

Lynn said...

Your new project sounds great! It should pass some time with that storm brewing. Stay safe! It's supposed to actually come as far inland as our place on Tuesday. That's when I know it's a huge storm!

EvalinaMaria said...

Sampler looks awesome, I'm sure you will have fun stitching it. Happy Birthday!!!

Robyn said...

Oh goodness sounds like you might be in for some uncertain days ahead.I really hope everything is ok with mother nature.We dont have many mother nature nasties where I am here is aussie thank goodness..Happy birthday and I will be thinking of you all.

Carol said...

I sure hope the storm isn't as bad as predicted! Your new start is very pretty, Krista--wishing you a most happy birthday on the 29th!!

Stitching Cat said...

Love your new project! Hoping the storm peters out before it get to CT! Enjoy your birthday! You share the day with my late husband and my SO's mother (who, luckily, came home from rehab today)!

merumo said...

Looks like another fun adventure has just begun. Hope your area won't get affected by Sandy. Stay safe!

Nicola said...

WOW Rolling Stones tickets !!

Chris said...

I hope that the storm dosen't affect you too much but it sounds like you are ready!!
The colors for this German Sampler are so lovely. I can't wait to see your progress. I have one of these samplers in my stash :)
What a lovely gift from Nicola!

Anonymous said...

Lovely new sampler to work on, Krista! Keeping you in my thoughts as the storm heads your way! Wishing you a very happy birthday for the 29th! Be safe!

Robin in Virginia

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see your progress pics on SDW! I saw my friend Carol's WIP in person when she was about midway through with it and pictures don't do it justice.

Happy birthday! I hope Sandy doesn't bring you any surprises. :(

Patty C. said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress on that sampler - gorgeous!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Oooh such a pretty sampler Krista...I shall look forward to watching your progress.
Thank you for popping by my blog, and leaving a sweet note. I do hope that you and yours have passed through the storm safe and well. Wishing you a belated, yet very HAPPY birthday darling.
Warmest wishes...