Friday, November 2, 2012


My week started out with these beautiful flowers I received at work for my birthday.  
It was such a sweet surprise.  

And then came Sandy.  It was a terrible time here in the northwest CT area, lots of damage from wind and trees down and power outages, but we fared much better than most everywhere else.  The devastation, as you have all seen I imagine, is unbelievable.  It is heartbreaking to see all of these places that I know so well, that feel like home for me, in such a state.  I cannot stop the tears.  
I am grateful that my friends and family have all weathered the storm, and my heart goes out to all of those that have been affected by this horrific event.  
I hope that all of you and your families are all safe and sound too.

So, thankfully, I only had to deal with a power outage which is frustrating but inconsequential in comparison to what others are dealing with.  
I remembered I had a battery powered light and kept busy thru the darkness with stitching.  
It helped to keep me calm and pass the time quickly.  
I kept working on SM 1678 and I am still loving every moment of it.  

I love the alphabet, and actually, this sampler can be presented either vertically with the alphabet at the top or on it's side with the alphabet on it's side to the left.  
I believe I will keep it at the top but will wait til the end to decide for sure although then my crosses will be in the wrong direction from all my other pieces, that may drive me crazy!

And here is my start on the SAL of the SDW german sampler from last weekend.  The plan is to spend time on it once a week.  I am not so sure about that blackwork pattern at the top, it is to run the whole length of the top of the sampler so I will decide on it further along on the project.  
I am looking forward to stitching again on it tomorrow.  

So that is about all for this week.  Highs and lows... too many lows!
I am glad it is the end of the week.  
I am going to settle in to stitch and watch the special concert this evening for the Hurricane relief, what a great way to raise money for this cause.   I will be texting in for sure.  

I hope you enjoy your weekend and have fun stitching!
oh, and Nancy at Victorian Motto is having an awesome giveway, go check it out! :)

Hugs to you all!


Nicola said...

SM is looking good, it is a beautiful design. SDW is calling me today and hopefully my horse will get its tail.

The damaged caused by Sandy is so awful and my heart goes out to all who have and are still suffering.

Mii Stitch said...

Glad your ok. Sandy has left all in shock, the damages caused will take a long time to sort out... Lovely work on your cross stitch & your flowers look delightful!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful flowers! Happy belated birthday! So glad Sandy did not cause you any major havoc. A battery light ... smart idea!

Vickie said...

I am glad your birthday was nice. I am sorry for all of you for what came next. I have been praying for you and all of our ladies and families out east.♥ That is funny Krista. I thought the exact same thing right away, about the crosses in a different direction. Pretty sure it would make ME mental. ;)

Brigitte said...

Glad to read that you made it safely through the storm. All this devastation is hard to look at and I must always think of the people who lost so much.

Great progress on SM, it's looking better and better. And one can already see that the German sampler will be an absolute beauty.

Chris said...

The havoc that this storm has caused is just horrible. The inlaws in New Fairfield are still without power. But again that is nothing compared to what so many other are dealing with.
I love your current project. The colors and motifs are so pretty.
Your birtday flowers are beautiful.

marly said...

Happy belated birthday. Sure wish the affected folks were getting more help. Both of your pieces are stunning.

Giovanna said...

Many happy returns! Your stitching is wonderful. Glad you and your loved ones have come through the storm safely.

merumo said...

Good to see you have survived ok there. Your progress on stitching looks very nice. Happy belated B-Day!!!

Carol said...

I'm so sorry your area was so hard hit, Krista... My relatives in southwest CT suffered, too. I'm glad you were able to stitch through the darkness--it is such a comfort, isn't it? Happy Belated Birthday--you will certainly remember this one!

Ellen said...

Belated birthday greetings.

Glad you were able to get through the horrid storm unscathed.