Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness!

Hi Everyone!  Are we all happy it is Springtime?!
Yes, I know, doesn't really look like it out my window either!
It feels like forever since I have posted.  I have had such a crazy busy month with work so my March Madness doesn't have anything to do with basketball!
I have had a some chances here and there for stitching, something finally to share with you all.

Here is my SDW, which is on week 21 of our SAL group.  I have lost count as I have not stitched each week and at times, many days in a week so I am just going with the flow...

SDW Sampler
dmc on 36ct flax Edinborough linen

I am SO amazed each time I look at it from top to bottom at how far it has come....

SDW Sampler
Another sampler I gave a few days of attention to is my Permin 1826 Celle Museum Vierlande.  I love how this one is shaping up and hope to devote some more time to it.

Permin 1826 Celle Museum Vierlande
dmc w/ 32ct Platinum linen

I also did some cooking...always a challenge for me!  :)
My Mom has a special dish, a mushroom casserole that we have at all of our family holidays, and since we can no longer get the mushrooms that my Mom would use (she would get a BIG can to make a BIG casserole!) I decided to have a go at it using fresh mushrooms and I think my version is quite de-lish and I hope it will be a BIG success at our Easter celebration!  

It is not all that complicated, just mushrooms with a bechamel cheese sauce with some bread crumbs on top, but the fact that I am trying to make it as my Mom would is a Tall order!  

So that is all the fun stuff that I have been up to in the past few weeks!  
I want to wish you all a lovely holiday with your friends and family!  

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Brilliant! Flower Show

This past weekend I took my annual trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  This was my third year going and it seems to just get better and better.  The theme was London so everything had a bit of British flair....
From the 'Buckingham Palace' gates.....

           ...... and scenes that seemed straight out of Camelot..... flower markets reminiscent of Covent Garden.....

....crowns of flowers....

....even a Mad Tea Party with Alice!

From vintage and romantic..... modern and fresh....

....and everything in between, there was a rainbow of color everywhere you looked!

The perfect way to chase away the winter greys and get ready for Spring!  

And the main highlight... BIG BEN!  
On the strike of each hour we were treated to a rocking video filled with FABulous British music by the likes of the Stones!, Led Zep, and the Beatles to name just a few.

....oh, and the Queen made an appearance too! HA!

What a fantastic job by PHS, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the vendors who create these amazing displays.  The imagination is boundless and the inspiration extraordinary.  If you are able to get to this year's show running through March 10th, I say go, go go!!  You will be in for a jolly good time, I can guarantee it!

Enjoy your week and weekend!  I expect to finally have some stitch-y updates to share after the weekend!  

Wishing you miles of smiles!  xxxx