Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend picture walk

Here it is Sunday evening already!   This weekend has been a whirlwind but lots of fun!

Here is Hannah Pepper again, looking not much different than the last time!  Turns out that red was not red enough for me so I unpicked and re-did with 304.  I think this one will stick!  I also decided to go with 352 instead of 356, for now!

My friend visited from Long Island for the weekend and we stopped over at the Country Mill again in Sandy Hook, what a fantastic shop full of prim things!!   

Right next door was the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, a perfect spot for a mid afternoon snack on the deck overlooking the river.  

There was an amazing summer breeze, it was blissful!  I tried a new wheat beer, Raspberry Hefeweizen!!   oooh SO good!  

From there we headed to the Danbury Ives concert park for an evening of music under the stars.... 

....rocking out with Peter Frampton!  What a fantastic concert!!

Then we found a great place after the show for a midnight snack!  What a fun place!!  An eclectic eatery with lots of vintage artifacts.  Looking forward to going back again.  

On Sunday, we headed out early to the famous Elephant's Trunk flea market in New Milford CT.  What an eclectic market with rows and rows of vendors!  We saw lots of people making off with their new found treasures.  No treasures for us though, hopefully next time!  

All in all, a beautiful and fun weekend!  

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend filled with friends, family and fun!  

Have a great week filled with miles of smiles!  xxxx


Marilyn said...

Hannah Pepper is looking good, the reds are nice.
Mmmm, another great sounding beer. :)
Ooo, Frampton!
He's coming to the Milwaukee, WI area soon too.
The shop looks like fun.

Vickie said...

Oh Hannah is so very pretty. What an excellent weekend you had! Great!

Margaret said...

Looks like so much fun -- I'm envious! Love having a good time with friends. Hannah is pretty!

Margaret said...
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Melissa said...

It's so great to see your lovely weekend adventures! Sometimes we hit those perfect moments!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Whay a lovely weekend. I do miss going to see live music.

Your reds are looking good.

Brigitte said...

Ahhh, great to see Hannah Pepper again, and this reds are great together.
What a wonderful weekend you had with your friends. My husband also likes to drink Hefeweizen but I'm not sure if he would try one with raspberry, lol. But why not ...

Robin said...

What a wonderful weekend you had, Krista! I like your changes for Hannah.

Robin in Virginia

woolwoman said...

how fun you got to see Peter Frampton - saw him in his heyday in the 80's - just not sure I can imagine him w/o those long curly locks so we are passing on his show here. Good luck with HP - I gave up on that one - I can only handle easy stitching these days and can't live with the charting errors. Cheers Melody