Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fast Forward to Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone!  Lately my posts seem to be further and further apart.  I think that is how it goes this time of year as we are busier and busier with the upcoming holidays.

Seems like yesterday Autumn was in full swing!

At the end of October I turned another year older... and received these pretty posies!

On Halloween, I went to the grand opening of Daryl's House, a new club in Pawling NY for a Hall & Oates concert.  What a blast!  Here is a peek into the place.  So rustic, I love it!!  And amazingly enough there were no Halloween costumes except for one couple dressed appropriately as Hall & Oates!  Can't wait to go back to the restaurant too!  If you are in the area it is a great venue to see a show.... Daryl's House.

A week later I went to NYC for the day.  I just love NYC!!  I was lucky to have a beautiful sunny 65 degree day!  In November!  So I spent some time in Union Square Park....

But the main reason for my trip was for a book signing at Barnes & Noble.   What a FAB building!!  Love it!  

The main event was the Jimmy Page book stamping!  What a treat to meet him and shake his hand!  One of the best nights ever!  

A week later I was back in NYC again!  This time to BB Kings Club to see blues man Buddy Guy!  Here he is with young guitar phenom Quinn Sullivan.  It was a super jammin' show!  

And, yes, there is some stitch-y stuff too!  I recently saw Aztec Gold by Queenstown Sampler Designs on a facebook posting so I picked that up with Harriot Redfearn as well.  Can it really be time to start thinking about New Year projects?!

There is also a Scarlet Letter SAL in the works for 2015 too!  We have voting going on right now thru Sunday November 30th.  We will be making a selection from the following samplers... most all of these are primarily cross stitch with some having a sprinkling of specialty stitches.  If you want to join in the vote you can do so at the Our Scarlet Letter Years facebook group, or on the Our Scarlet Letter Years blog.  The more the merrier!  So hard to choose just one!  

And, that brings us to today.... and our first snow of the season!  So beautiful!!

So while it seems I have been coming and going, and coming and going, lol...   I have not had much time for stitching in the last few weeks but I have been working on Christmas ornaments.... still have more to go!  So I will have more to show you next time!

Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!  xxxx


Marilyn said...

Happy belated B-Day.
You got to meet Jimmy Page? GASP!
And see Hall & Oates and BB King?
Thanks for sharing the pics.
I miss Autumn also.
It got cold and snowy here too early this year.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Vickie said...

hahaha! Krista I just shared your post with our 16 year old daughter. She is a great admirer of Jimmy Page. She was grinning from ear to ear. =)
That is a great ornament.

Margaret said...

So where is that Barnes and Noble in the city? Such a pretty building! And Daryl's Place! So it's owned by Daryl Hall??? Have to try to get there sometime. It's great to see your posts to learn about what's around here. lolol! Happy Thanksgiving!

llknbillburg said...

Such wonderful travels! Looks like you've been having a great time. I am looking forward to the SL SAL. Laura

Mary said...

Hi Krista, it looks like you've been having lots of fun, even if you haven't been stitching so much! Hope your Thanksgiving was good.

Robin said...

It sounds like you have been enjoying life. Good for you, Krista! I really like your Peace with the snowflake piece. Care to share the designer and materials?

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Carol said...

What an enjoyable post, Krista! And how lucky are you to have seen Hall & Oats in person--I about wore out their Abandoned Luncheonette record when I was in college :)

Lovely stitching--that Peach finish is stunning!

Happy belated Birthday to you--wishing you a wonderful year ahead :)

Angela P said...

Love the Peace ornament :) Lovely pics! Sounds like you have been very busy.

Brigitte said...

Great to see your pictures from your outings to NYC. That Barnes 6 Nobles building would be my #1 place to visit . It must be so great inside too.

Your two New Year projects look gorgeous. Have fun stitching them.