Friday, October 9, 2015

Autumn Project Planning!

Hi there!  Yes, I am still here even though my posts have been not so frequent.  Sometimes the days seem to go by so swiftly and then other times I just don't feel I have enough stitching to show and tell.

It seems we have jumped right into Autumn, my favorite season of all!

My office had an employee arts show so I finally pulled my Mary Wigham sampler out of the closet and framed her up.....  She is set loosely in the frame so as to protect her but now I think she will go right up on my wall as is!  It was wonderful to see how creative all of my coworkers are in all sorts of mediums!

So there has been a bit of stitching happening, although wish it was more!  I am suffering from tennis elbow and hoping for relief ASAP!

Over the past couple of months I have been up to some fun things along with planning out some future stitching projects.

Have had some German-style celebrating......

Been to NYC!  Here is a small forest growing right next to the MET!  

Everytime I see the MET it makes me think of the movie Moonstruck!  :)

The NYPL had a very special Frank Sinatra exhibit.  I was so happy to finally get there to see it before it closed down.  There was so many extraordinary things to see...many personal artifacts of Sinatras' from before he was famous to all through his career.  Below is one of his bow ties, letters from fans and photos from Herman Leonard.  

And here is a jukebox chock full of Sinatra!  I could play this all day long!

There have been so many pretty sunflowers this season... these I came upon at the Bridgeport Ferry!

Another favorite thing I do every Labor Day is go to the annual library book sale!  Here are a few of my finds this year.   So many people have recommended JoJo Moyes to me so can't wait to read her book.  Just started The Girl on the Train but too soon to give my thoughts on it yet!  

And my fun time would not be complete without some live music in my world!  And while the Stones are no longer in town, Bernard Fowler, backup singer with the Stones, has been and I have gotten to a few of his shows over the past month.  He puts on a super rockin' show!  

And for my stitching there has been some planning....  Kathy Barrick's Heaven and Nature Sing is soooo very sweet.  There is a facebook SAL set up for Oct 15 and looking forward to starting this one!  I went with linen and threads right from my own stash....

And here is another sneak peek of Lucy!  She is the reproduction sampler I have been working on.. I wish I was further ahead but this tennis elbow problem has caused a real crimp in my stitching time!  

And over at Our Scarlet Letter Years blog we are planning some New Year stitching already!!  Take a peek here!  Remember waaaaaaay back when I had been planning out Ann Grimshaw?  Well now is the time to go full steam ahead for 2016.  There will more incentive with others to stitch along with!!  But, still, I need to pick a color!!!  LOL!  

I hope to get some more stitching done this weekend if my elbow will cooperate!  

Gigi and I wish you a wonderful Columbus Day weekend!  Enjoy all the beautiful colors Mother Nature is bringing us!  Happy Stitching!  xxxxxx


woolwoman said...

good to see you here Krista ! I wish I had voted for M Quetier for the SL SAL - however I also have Ann Grimshaw. Either would work for me. I love Kathy Barrick's new design - I should join that SAL too - hey why not ! Glad you've been having some fall fun - rock on ! Mel

Vickie said...

Oh Krista, I am sorry you are suffering. I can relate. I am having terrible carpal tunnel pain for almost two weeks. I have hardly stitched. Reading time!

Mary Reed said...

What a fun way to show off your beautiful Mary Wigham! I can tell you've had a very busy past few months.

Marilyn said...

Mary Wigham is so pretty.
Great projects you are working on.
I hope you arm feels better soon.
Gigi is so pretty. :)

Margaret said...

Gigi is so pretty! Gigi needs to tell Mia to turn black -- Mia's fur contrasts with what I wear. lol! Sorry to hear you are still dealing with tennis elbow. :( But I love your repro sampler so far. It is so so pretty! The colors are wonderful! And I love the new Kathy Barrick piece too. Love your Mary Wigham all framed too. Great pics of NYC. DH was just at the NYPL. I need to go there sometime.

Carol said...

Such gorgeous stitching, Krista, and I can't wait to follow along on your progress on the new Kathy Barrick design--just love that one!

I sure hope your elbow heals soon; I'm having foot issues, but at least I can still stitch!

Robin said...

Your Mary looks great. I look forward to seeing your process on Heaven and Nature Sing. I really like that deer in the piece. Lucy continues to look good. I hope your elbow issues mend soon and fully.

Robin in Virginia

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post, it seems like you've been really busy!
I love the idea of an employee arts show but there are only three people in my shop! I did take my stitching to our conference this year and my colleagues from our closest neighbouring shop were very impressed.

Brigitte said...

Such a reat idea to have a craft show at the company's rooms, where you work, and your Mary Wigham sampler was certainly a good item to show.
Your summer activities sound all great and the German style dinner looks perfect with spaetzle and a Bavarian beer. I have read two of the books that you show and I'm looking forwar to read how you liked Girl on the Train.
Wonderful new and old stitching projects to keep you busy when your tennis elbow will be better.